Airsoft Rules

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Airsoft Rules and Regulations

Safety is paramount

  • Treat your airsoft gun as if it were a real firearm When you are out of the playing area make sure your weapons are on safe, take your magazines out and put a barrel plug/sock on and holster your pistols.
  • Sling your rifle, in either pointing upward or downward. If you don’t have a sling, carry your rifle pointing down.
  • Do not fire your airsoft gun in the safe area (usually near the cars) and only use designated safe zones to test fire.
  • Goggles or glasses (not recommended) must be worn at all times in the field of play. Your glasses must be able to stand up to high impact shots at close range so test them at point blank yourself before hand.
  • No physical contact (punches/slaps/head butts) what so ever. No knives on the field or real firearms!


  • Velocity or FPS (feet per second) is limited to 400fps.
  • All guns are Chronographed at games to ensure compliance.
  • The only weapons that are allowed to shoot above 400fps are those of snipers, they may be SEMI AUTO (modified to only work on semi auto) or BOLT-ACTION ONLY! Snipers also may not engage any player within 20 meters and their ability to judge that may be tested before they are allowed in to use their rifle and play.


  • During games, people (non-players) may walk into the play area. If you spot a person walking through, call BLIND MAN. The game immediately stops until the person has left the field of play so the game can be reset, restarted or continue.

Game Area Safety

  • We often play in hazardous environments and players can get hurt. Be aware of your surroundings and play sensibly.
  • Watch out for snakes/scorpions etc.

Game Play Safety

  • Blind firing is when you shoot without looking. Commonly, this involves putting your rifle around the corner with your body and head safely hidden and firing. It is strictly prohibited. DON’T DO IT. You can run sideways shooting but not away shooting backwards. As a general rule, always look down your sights when shooting.
  • Headshots are not cool so avoid them as much as possible. Often a player may only present their head, in which case, fire away. But please try avoiding them. They do happen though, so make sure your goggles and gear are in good order.
  • No headshots under 5 meters.
  • In CQB (Close Quarter Battle) environments where you expect to meet players are distances closer than 10 meters, SEMI AUTO only. Switch your AEG to semi automatic.
  • Never spray players with lots of BB’s unnecessarily. One shot will do.
  • Bang Kills involve meeting an opposing player in the 5 meter area usually with their back or side to you, should they not be aware of your presence you can call BANG!
  • It is highly advisable that there is at least ONE medical emergency kit at the venue. If you have one, please bring it along.

Venue Etiquette

  • Please remember that wherever we play, we are INVITED GUESTS. Please treat the venue with respect and make sure that you keep it clean. (even if it was not when you got there!)
  • You are representing the game of Airsoft. Make sure that your conduct is impecable and that you are a true ambassador of the sport. Any player that brings the game of Airsoft into disrepute will be banned from attending future games.

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